12 Meridian & Five Element Reference Guide



The need for an easy reference chart of the meridians and the elements was first realized in the creation of the TWELVE MERIDIANS AND FIVE ELEMENT WALL CHART and now the latest development, the TWELVE MERIDIANS AND FIVE ELEMENTS REFERENCE GUIDE which is a convenient eight page laminated notebook size chart which reads like a book. The TWELVE MERIDIAN AND FIVE ELEMENTS REFERENCE GUIDE includes the functions and dysfunction’s of the organs according to the Chinese perspective. It shows the acupuncture points along the twelve meridians. The Reference Guide also relates the specific uses of the points on the hands and feet as well as a detailed diagram of the exact placement of these points. It also shows the very useful points associated with each meridian, i.e. Well Points, Cleft Points and Luo Points. The beginnings and endings of the Meridians are also featured.

8.5″ by 11″