Moving the Energy: Reflexology and Meridian Therapy

This book introduces a treatment protocol called the WAND REFLEX METHOD™. Before a practitioner can use this method effectively they must understand both reflexology and meridian therapy. This book is designed to extend the technical and assessment skills of the Body Worker, Reflexologist or Massage Therapist and is an invaluable addition to the video training.


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Foreword about Moving The Energy™ by Dwight Byers

Without a doubt, Lilian Tibshraeny-Morten’s book brings the Eastern meridian theory and the Western approach to reflexology in a fantastic, easy and understandable way.

Lilian’s au courant illustrations and overall book content show that she has done her homework. Her many years of dedication to teaching, research, and practical experience affords her the title of “Dreadnought” in this field.

I have been teaching the Ingham Method® for over 60 years and I find this book is one of the best reference guides I can have at my fingertips, because sometimes we all forget how important it is to explore all these avenues of success.

This book will become the professionals’ guide to Meridian Therapy. These therapeutic points are like having additional reflex points which are advantageous to the therapist in achieving faster results and ultimate health for their clients.

I can’t say how proud I am of Lilian and this faboulous book. Lilian is to be commended for her outstanding dedication to improving the knowledge and skills of the professional therapist. My sincere congratulations to Lilian for completing this book. It is one which every therapist should acquire for their library.